Advertiser FAQs


1. What is InviziAds™?
A. It’s a brand new approach to maximizing revenues for flash game developers and publishers (website owners who develop/sponsor games), and for advertisers to effectively reach audiences that matter to them.

2. Where can I see InviziAds™ actually in use?
A. Check our ‘Case Studies’.

3. Can we target specific geographies?
A. Yes, you can choose the geographies where you want to display your ads.

4. What advertising models does InviziAds™ offer?
A. A. InviziAds offers CPM and CPC models. Try us out by investing just US$ 250 to start with. Contact us now for details on our Starter Pack.

5. How do you select the games you embed your code in?
A. InviziAds™ is extremely selective about the games we embed our code in. We don't select games that represent objectionable content.

6. How soon can InviziAds™ start my campaign?
A. InviziAds™ can start a campaign within 1 working day if we receive all the required material.

7. How do I get access to reports?
A. At present, since we are in Beta phase, we are in the process of building our reporting interface. Till that time, we can send you daily reports on the performance of your ads.

8. What type of ad units do you accept?
A. Check our Ad Specifications

9. Can InviziAds™ create banner ads for me, if I don't have any?
Yes, we can create the banner ads for you at a nominal fee of US$50 per banner.

10. What payment method can I use?
A. At present, we accept payments for ads by wire transfer or PayPal. Also, we would require the entire payment in advance i.e. before the start of your campaign on InviziAds™.

11. Does InviziAds™ monitor click fraud?
A. Yes, we take click fraud very seriously and ban any game publisher/developer who engages in click fraud. Also, we don't include fraudulent clicks in your reports.