Publisher / Developer FAQs


1. What is InviziAds™?

A. InviziAds-powered games reach over 15 million gamers worldwide, across 6,500 websites.

2. I am a Game Publisher. What can Inviziads do for me?
A. Inviziads allows you to control how your games make money for you once they are no longer on your site. The options are to either drive traffic back to your site (our Traffic option) or to allow Inviziads to optimize 3rd party ad-tags you may own (our Revenue Option).

3. What is the Traffic option and how do house-ads benefit me?
A. Game Publishers make revenues from visitors on their site, through advertising, in-game sales, subscriptions, etc. Their games often get scraped by other sites. The Traffic Option helps Publishers promote their latest games and content in the games on these other sites, driving back to their site.

4. I am a Publisher. I don't have access to raw source files. What can i do?
A. We offer a auto-wrap solution, which allows you to upload or send us your Flash SWF file (AS2 or AS3) and we will wrap an Inviziads ad-code as a pre-roll to your game.

5. I am a Developer and I don't have a website. How can I benefit from InviziAds ? ( What is the Revenue Option ?)
A. Developers can use our simple SDK to incorporate pre-roll ad units within their Games. You register your existing ad-codes from networks such as CPMStar, Google Adsense for Games and Mochiads, and leave it to Inviziads to optimize your yield. One Inviziads ad-code in your game will automatically switch between the best performing network code depending on where the player resides.

6. I have a 3rd party account with MochiAds/CPMStar. What can Inviziads do?
A. The biggest problem Game developers have is that once their game is distributed, they cannot change the ad code within their Game. InviziAds aims to solve this problem. We work closely with the popular in-game ad networks to allow your Games to have one InviziAds code, yet serve an ad from any of them by optimizing which ad is served. We call this the WIN, the Wise Ingame Network.

7. What is WIN (Wise Ingame Network) ?
A. Different ad-networks optimize different types of visitors. If we know that, for example, CPMStar monetizes best for US traffic, and we have a campaign that's running in USA, between 8am and 8pm, WIN will automatically switch on the right code, at the right time, depending on where the visitor comes from.

8. I am a Publisher. I like WIN. Can I opt for the Revenue track?
A. Yes you can. All you have to do is inform your Traffic Manager who will make necessary changes to your configuration.

9. All of this sounds great! What does it cost?
A. We don't charge for the InviziAds service. Instead, we do a impression share.

  • For the Traffic option, we will use 50% of ad impressions to serve our own ads. The other 50% will serve your House ads.
  • For the Revenue option, we will share revenues 75:25, with 75% to you and 25% to InviziAds. We will run our partner's ad-network codes and send you 75% of the revenues earned. If you already have your own 3rd party ad-network codes available, register them with us and we will serve them, so that you receive your revenues directly from them.

10. Where can I see InviziAds™ actually in use?
A. Check our ‘Case Studies’.

11. What are the requirements to join InviziAds™?
A. Check our ‘Requirements’.

12. I am on the Revenue Option. When do I get paid?
A. Payment terms are net 60. InviziAds™ will transfer your payment (via wire transfer or PayPal) 60 days after the last day of the month during which your game generated more than US$50 in net revenue.

13. How do I get access to reports?
A. Login to your account and you have a Dashboard on the performance of your game. For other specific reports, you can write to your account manager to provide you with any customized reports that we could create.

14. Can you stop your ads from appearing in my game when it gets hosted on a website that sponsors it?
A. Yes, we can make the ads ‘invizible’ on the sponsor website by letting your Account Manager know.

15. Does it cost me anything to join InviziAds™?
A. There is no cost to join InviziAds™, so contact us now!